Who is Dr. Delgado?

Dr. Miguel Delgado, M.D.photo

Miguel A. Delgado, Jr., M.D. holds the two most coveted accreditations by practicing plastic surgeons in the United States, namely: certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) as well as membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS). Fortunate enough to train at some of the most prestigious institutions in the country, Dr. Delgado graduated with honors at University of California San Francisco in 1982 and continued his studies by way of internships and residencies at Johns Hopkins University and Stony Brook University Medical Center.

In 1989, Dr. Delgado opened his private practice in Novato, California. Dr. Delgado then opened the Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center at Novato Community Hospital. There, he provided his surgical patients not only with private, concierge care in a state-of-the-art surgical facility, but additional measures of both safety and reassurance based on the surgery center’s contiguous location to a full service hospital. Dr. Delgado then opened a second office for his San Francisco patients in 1994. Dr. Delgado provides consultations, office procedures, pre-operative appointments and post-operative follow-up care at both his Novato and his San Francisco offices.

Dr. Delgado and his staff have had the pleasure of serving thousands of patients domestically and internationally. Taking great pride in his plastic surgery techniques, Dr. Delgado constantly strives to keep abreast of the latest, most advanced techniques in order to offer his patients the best options available.

Though always eager to embrace new technology, he is also conservative and cautious by nature. Dr. Delgado has great respect for the inherent risks of any surgical procedure, including the anesthesia risks. He is particularly conscientious in screening potential surgical candidates. Prior to clearing a patient for surgery, he carefully evaluates his or her medical history, performs a preoperative physical exam and reviews laboratory and other test results.

Dr. Delgado is a person who loves his chosen profession and this fact is reflected in the exceptional quality of his work. Likewise, his personal and professional integrity, his humility and his love of life have enabled him to attract and retain a loyal and competent staff that continues to support him in providing superior plastic surgery services.

Dr. Miguel Delgado, MD
Voted Best Plastic Surgeon 2017
by San Francisco Magazine