Our position as Petaluma’s leading Botox clinic speaks volumes about the excellent results we provide. Our patients return to us for treatments and frequently refer their friends and family to our spa. This is because we consistently erase lines and wrinkles without producing an overdone appearance. If you’re interested in rejuvenating your appearance and achieving natural results, our practice warmly welcomes you as a new patient. We are located just 10 miles south of Petaluma.

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How Botox is used

Since the FDA approved Botox for use in 2002, this remarkable drug has been one of the most frequently requested cosmetic treatments in the United States. Botox is incredibly effective and versatile, which has contributed to its popularity. Some of the ways we use Botox in our Petaluma practice include:

  • Smooth out horizontal lines on the forehead
  • Minimize creases between the eyebrows
  • Erase fine lines around the eyes
  • Provide a subtle lift above and around the eyes
  • Gently lift the corners of the mouth

The effects of Botox are meant to enhance a patient’s appearance by softening facial expressions, which contribute to a more attractive and youthful appearance. It is often used to ease frown lines, which can make you look angry and aggressive. If you suffer from a permafrown, Botox is an ideal way to “turn that frown upside down” and give you a more pleasing countenance.

Before & After Photos

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Botox as a preventative treatment

Botox is becoming increasingly popular with younger men and women. In fact, a good percentage of our Petaluma patients are under 30 years of age. These individuals know that Botox can prevent lines and creases from forming in the first place. While Botox is effective on people of all ages, it may not completely erase deep lines and creases in older patients. Think of a piece of paper that has been folded or crumpled – you can smooth out the paper, but you will never completely get rid of the creases that have formed. This effect can be seen in older patients where creases may be minimized, but not completely erased. The younger generation is aware of this and wants to make the most of their Botox treatments while they are young.

Don’t worry if you didn’t opt for Botox while you were younger! As skincare and anti-aging experts, we are able to find treatment solutions for every aging concern. For patients with deeper wrinkles, we may recommend a combination of non-invasive treatments to achieve the look you desire.

How we ensure beautiful results

A key factor in producing beautiful results with Botox is an intimate knowledge of facial anatomy. Our team uses their understanding how facial muscles work together to form expressions so they can identify the ideal location for Botox injections. Each person has a unique facial structure and expressions, so our team takes the time to carefully assess each patient before determining where to inject Botox.

At Petaluma Spa, all Botox injections are performed by a member of our skilled team. This includes Dr. Miguel Delgado and his nurse injector, Ariel Kirk, who is a Registered Nurse with many years of experience in Aesthetic Nursing. This team has been extensively trained in administering Botox and consistently delivers the highest quality results to our patients. Our talented and compassionate team is the reason why our patients return to us over and over again for Botox treatments.