DelgadoMD Prescriptive Pigment Peel

The DelgadoMD Prescriptive Pigment Peel is a proprietary treatment engineered by Dr. Delgado to improve skin tone by eliminating areas of hyperpigmentation and discoloration. Our peel is unique because it is a non-acid chemical peel, which means it does not burn or wound the skin. The ingredients provoke the skin to peel, but the reaction is gentler than that of typical chemical peels. This facial peel is a favorite among our Marin County clientele because it produces noticeable results without requiring extensive downtime afterwards.

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How It Works

The DelgadoMD Prescriptive Pigment Peel is powered by two highly effective ingredients – Arbutin and Vitamin A. These time-trusted ingredients are known for their ability to brighten skin tone and minimize areas of hyperpigmentation. We recommend this treatment to our Novato and Petaluma patients who are unhappy about the appearance of:

  • Sun spots – caused by exposure to the sun over many years
  • Melasma – a skin condition caused by hormone changes that results in large patches of dark discoloration across the face
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation – most often seen in patients with darker skin, this form of hyperpigmentation is associated with scars cased by acne, burns, or abrasions

In addition to clearing away areas of uneven pigmentation, this peel can completely revitalize the skin. After your skin heals, you can expect to experience a brighter, more radiant appearance. The unique combination of effective yet gentle ingredients means that the Prescriptive Pigment Peel can be used safely on skin of all colors.

Before & After Photos

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Treatment Overview

The DelgadoMD Prescriptive Peel is performed by our Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, Ariel Kirk, from the comfort of our Novato office. After cleansing your face, the solution is applied to your skin. This peel is not considered to be painful, but you may experience a little bit of stinging or prickling during the first few minutes. You will leave our office with the peel on your face and instructions about when and how to remove it at home.

Your skin may appear slightly reddened afterwards, but most of our patients feel comfortable resuming normal activities right away. Within the next several days, you will notice some light flaking, which will continue for up to 2 weeks. This indicates that the peel is working. You may apply moisturizer to minimize the appearance of flaking during this time.

Two Peel Strengths Offer Customized Results

Our Prescriptive Pigment Peel is available in two different strengths. The most appropriate one for you will depend on the severity and/or resistance of your hyperpigmentation. The two strengths that we offer are:

  • Standard – this is appropriate for treating moderate to severe hyperpigmentation. If more than one peel is necessary, you can undergo an additional treatment 6 months later.
  • Mini Peel – This is designed to correct mild to moderate hyperpigmentation. It can be repeated every 2 or 3 months if needed.

During your initial consultation Nurse Ariel Kirk will recommend the best peel for your unique needs. She will take into consideration the appearance of your skin, your lifestyle, and the goals you wish to accomplish.