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Laser Hair removal

Smooth, soft skin is a goal for many women and an increasing number of men. Fast growing, unwanted hair can be a nuisance. Although everyone’s hair grows at a different rate, most store bought hair removal methods do not get rid of hair for very long. While, there are many treatments available to remove hair, such as waxing, shaving and threading, few are as affective as laser hair removal.

At DelgadoMD Aesthetics, our expert team of certified hair removal specialists can help you achieve silky, hair free skin. At our Novato, California office, we are pleased to offer the Palomar Icon Laser, an innovative hair removal technology. Laser hair removal is the best treatment to permanently reduce hair growth. In addition, the Palomar Icon Laser can be used with different hand pieces, allowing to be used to remove all types of hair.

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How the Palomar Icon Laser Works

The Palomar Icon Laser is a cutting edge, FDA approved machine used to permanently remove unwanted hair. Featuring increased power and cooling functions, the Palomar Icon Laser offers improved patient comfort as well. It is also currently one of the safest lasers available for cosmetic treatments. This is in part due to its built-in Skintel Melanin Reader, which identifies the patient’s melanin density. This allows the laser to precisely determine the patient’s skin tone, guaranteeing that a suitable level of laser is emitted. The Palomar Icon Laser is a light-based technology. By targeting the specific cells responsible for hair growth, the laser is able to permanently destroy the cells without damaging the surrounding skin. Furthermore, this technology is affective on a range of skin types.

Treatment Overview

A Palomar Icon Laser hair removal session is complete in approximately 15 to 30 minutes. Usually a topical anesthetic is applied previous to the treatment to ensure patient comfort. The cooling system featured on this laser provides further patient comfort so that additional pain management is not necessary during treatment. The specialist then secures protective eyewear on him or herself and the patient before proceeding. After, laser is applied with a technique referred to as “stamping”. A handheld device is placed onto the skin and after each laser pulsation the device is placed onto an adjacent area. Finally, a cold compress may be placed on the treated area to ease any discomfort.

Side Effects and Recovery

Most side effects are minimal and the recovery time is usually very quick. It is not uncommon for patient’s to experience red skin that feels warm and slightly swollen. The symptoms are typically compared to that of sunburn and similarly tend to improve within 1 to 3 days. In some cases patients may experience minor bruising, crusting, or darkened patches. In very few cases mild blistering can be seen. These symptoms normally subside within 1 or 2 weeks post treatment.


Palomar Icon Laser system offers an effective and permanent hair removal solution. Unlike tedious treatments such as electrolysis, laser hair removal can provide long lasting results in just a few sessions. The amount of sessions required depends on the individual’s hair and skin type and his or her personal hair removal goals. Usually permanent results are achieved after a series of 3 to 5 sessions. With the Palomar Icon Laser our specialists can provide you with a highly effective, long lasting hair removal treatment.