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Mommy Makeovers

At our Petaluma location we’re excited to feature Mommy Makeovers. This innovative procedure offers a variety of techniques that restore your pre-pregnancy physique. Options include a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and liposuction to minimize the impact childbearing has had on your figure. The unique combination of treatments work to target saggy breasts, loose abdominal skin and belly bulge. We offer this groundbreaking procedure as a way to help you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Benefits of undergoing a Mommy Makeover

If childbirth has changed your physical appearance, we can restore your shape and self-esteem during just one session at our Novato office. Our treatment options target deflated breasts, asymmetrical areolas and all of your breast augmentation needs. A liposuction and tummy tuck helps reduce your waist-size and enhance your shape, while breast-lift surgery can restore volume and plumpness to your breasts. Generally, a mommy makeover consists of liposuction with a breast lift, but our practice allows patients the gift of choice. We tailor each procedure specifically to meet the needs of our valued patients. Women are delighted with the outcome of mommy makeovers and feel more confident and youthful after recovery.

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A Restorative Treatment

Mommy makeovers are increasingly popular with women who have completed their childbearing years. If you’ve experienced unwanted changes in your appearance, such as deflated breasts, saggy abdominal skin or flabby thighs, this combination of procedures could definitely help improve your image. The confidence boosting procedure is a viable solution for the following concerns:

  • Deflated bosom that has lost volume and appears asymmetrical in size
  • Enlarged, stretched areolas, nipples that gravitate downwards
  • Lax, excess skin around the abdominal region
  • Fatty deposits in the mid-section, hips or thighs

Mommy makeovers are more than just a trend, the term has gained in popularity over the past 5 years because the procedure makes women feel great about themselves! If you would like a rejuvenated, youthful appearance, our expert surgeon can help you achieve remarkable results.

How we Ensure Beautiful Results


Dr.Miguel A. Delgado discusses what is a “mommy makeover”

Are you unhappy with your post-pregnancy body? You work too hard to be upset and we’re here to help! At Petaluma Spa we feature a serene environment for all of your plastic surgery needs. With years of experience and a variety of minimally invasive procedures, Petaluma Spa wants to help you restore your posy baby body. The surgical procedures are performed in a manner which produces minimal visible scarring and Dr. Delgado works closely with patients to ensure optimal success. Please reach out to us today for a consultation.