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Our skin can show amazing resilience. But over time, it begins to lose vital components that keep it looking and feeling supple and smooth. Diminishing reserves of collagen and other substances weaken the skin’s elasticity, leading to the formation of wrinkles and and creases. As the lines set in, the normal effects of the aging process become permanently visible. Although we can never turn back the clock, it is possible to minimize the appearance of age-related skin imperfections. Today, there are range of non-invasive cosmetic treatments that can be used to treat fine lines and wrinkles, including laser resurfacing.

To revitalize the face, the skin experts at Petaluma Botox, Marin County, CA, often recommend Skinsmart+, a minimally-invasive laser treatment that can help smooth out etched-in lines. The state-of-the-art rejuvenation treatment can be used to help counteract sun damage, lighten age spots and hyperpigmentation, as well as soften scars.

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How Smartskin+ works

Smartskin+ is an advanced CO2 laser resurfacing treatment that can be customized based on a patient’s individual skin and aesthetic objectives. The fractional laser device emits highly focused light energy, which penetrates the skin and creates microcolumns in the skin. This technique, called ablation, prompts the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, two proteins that help give the skin structure. As the skin increases its supply of collagen and elastin, a regenerative process can begin. The Smartskin+ laser is highly versatile. Because the short pulses of laser light can be precisely controlled, the device is capable of delivering both light and more aggressive treatments.

Treatment overview

A Smartskin+ laser resurfacing treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure at the Novato, CA, office. Before a treatment, a topical anesthesia is applied to the skin to minimize discomfort. During treatment Dr. Delgado and his team will adjust the device’s settings, according to the specific treatment plan. The goal of customizing the treatment parameters is to refine the procedure as needed to optimize results.

Side effects and recovery

Although the downtime is shorter for a fractional ablative laser than a fully ablative laser, the skin still needs some time to heal. After a Smartskin+ treatment, the skin will appear red and swollen. These side effects are temporary and typically improve in a few days. Most patients can resume their normal routines about 48-72 hours after their Smartskin+ treatment. However, because every individual heals at a different rate, the recovery time can vary. In addition, the depth of the treatment also influences the healing time.


Most patients will see some immediate results after treatment. However, the full results will typically reveal themselves over a period of 3-6 months. As the skin continues to heal, the texture of the skin will become smoother and appear more radiant.

Results can be long-lasting, but will vary from individual to individual. Lifestyle choices can also play a significant role in maintaining the effects. Patients who protect their skin from UV rays, follow a healthy diet, and do not smoke will help support the overall health and longevity of their skin.