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At some point, all of us will notice our skin has become a little less elastic, a little more saggy. This gradual loss of structure is a sign that the body is reducing its production of collagen and other essential substances. A normal part of the aging process, skin laxity is a common aesthetic concern among both men and women. Fortunately, there are non-invasive treatments that can firm the skin and help improve the signs of aging.

The Petaluma Botox staff specializes in non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments. At our Novato, CA office, we are pleased to offer Ultherapy treatments, an innovative technology that can reinvigorate the skin. Ultherapy is designed to tone and tighten the face and neck, including the delicate eye area.

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How Ultherapy works

Ultherapy is a unique, well-tolerated technology that works at the skin’s deepest layer. Unlike laser skin tightening treatments, which use light energy to regenerate the skin, the Ultherapy device delivers focused ultrasound energy to prompt collagen building. Lasers can be excellent for treating surface imperfections and blemishes, while Ultherapy can trigger a restructuring process at the foundational layer. Because of this, the treatment is often referred to as a non-surgical face lift. Common areas of treatment include the loose skin on the eyelids and eyebrow area, lax skin under the chin and neck (turkey neck), and wrinkles on the chest.

Treatment overview

An Ultherapy is a safe straightforward procedure that usually takes 30-90 minutes to complete, depending on the treatment area. During the procedure, targeted ultrasound energy is delivered to the skin. To optimize the treatment, imaging is used to inform where to direct the ultrasound waves. This precision increases efficiency and contributes to effectiveness. When the energy hits the skin, patients will feel a mild sensation. However, the treatment does not require general anesthesia and most patients at our Marin County, CA office do not feel significant discomfort.

Side effects and recovery

Ultherapy does not involve any incisions and does not typically require downtime. After a treatment, the treatment area may appear flushed and swollen, but most patients can return to work or other obligations without any adverse side effects. As with any cosmetic treatment, individual responses can vary.


Treatments are highly customizable and most patients can look forward to natural-looking results after a single treatment. Once the collagen-building process starts, the skin will gradually become more tone. Most patients will begin to see greater definition and an overall tightening effect in a matter of 2-3 months. The outcome can be enduring, with some patients noting continued improvement up to 6 months after Ultherapy. After the full results become apparent, patients may benefit from the treatment for a long time. However, individuals results will vary, depending on the patient and the condition of the skin. Periodic touch ups can help maintain results.

Although Ultherapy can help improve sagging skin, it cannot duplicate the effects of plastic surgery. For patients with signs of advanced aging and skin laxity, other cosmetic interventions may be more appropriate.